10 Foreign Celebrities Rocking the Ramp in Pure Desi Attires

Sub-continent’s drape-y fashion and bold colors has caught the eye balls of the western world from time immemorial. Celebrity designers have found Inspiration in the radiant Turbans of Rajasthan’s Raika community and printed fabrics influenced by the dazzling..Read More

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July 04 , 2017

8 Enticing Ways to Improve Your Looks with Anarkali Suits

Indian ethnic wear for women has evolved with time. Costumes that were huge hits once but went into oblivion made a grand comeback. And what can be a better example in this regard than Anarkali suits. During the 1960s and 70s, Anarkali dresses were extremely popular with..Read More

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May 24 , 2017

Know more about Indian states weddings and their dresses

We all know that India is known for its diversity. Different states in the country have their unique cultures, customs and rituals. It is quite obvious that weddings in India will also vary from one state to another and so will wedding costumes and rituals. Indian..Read More

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April 21 , 2017

8 Indian bridal lehengas every girl love to wear

Wedding costume is probably the most important part of wedding planning. Women usually make various kinds of assumptions as how her wedding attire should be. In fact many of them also have designs, colors and patterns in mind of the bridal dress. Ethnic Indian bridal wear..Read More

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April 14 , 2017

Some dupatta choices for stylish women to have

As they say, a dupatta is what one need to give an enchanting note to the style one pursues. Well, we buy it apparently. A dupatta is one piece in Indian ethnic wear that adds notes of vibrance, elegance, colour and above all ethereal sense. For every woman today, having..Read More

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April 04 , 2017
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