A Diva’s guide of some offbeat Valentine’s Day ideas

Come February and you are mingled with a week-long Valentine celebrations to woo your lover. Yes, they say “love is in the air”. But why only a few days for that love to be floating? Blame it on your knowledge on “what is Valentine’s Day” but..Read More

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February 13 , 2017

10 Fitness Goals without hitting the GYM

​ Fitness is a regime, a lifestyle, a choice not limited to any PRESSURE!!! Does the same schedule for workouts in the gym sadden your soul? Do you feel an extra amount of pressure when your trainer bores weight on weight just to let you be in shape? Do you feel..Read More

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January 13 , 2017

Being a DIVA is an Attitude not Attribute one can have, Jwala Gutta you inspire us

We all have some odd days, some bad phases in life, some weird emotions and definitely some bitter share of words and memories. But it all accounts for a life we are into, nothing extraordinary!! Isn’t it? But something that cringe everyone who is putting their..Read More

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December 15 , 2016

Trick Those Eyes: Simple Tips to look Slimmer in Indian Ethnic Wear

Without a doubt, it's time to admit, we all love to do unhealthy bingeing and devour all those chocolate brownies, truffles and butter filled cookies. C’mon, even if we will try, we end up making our way to that inviting food. Well, but seeing the over..Read More

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November 25 , 2016

10 Legit Diwali Gift ideas that Brings Smile Worth Noticing

Here come Diwali and we are all prepared. Major shopping has been done and houses are glistening with the aura, lights are up and you have pretty much done the gift shopping. Gifts are a note of sharing your love and affection to the person who matters to you elders,..Read More

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October 24 , 2016
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