Makeup trends done right for 2017!!

First thing first, without wasting a moment let us all appreciate the bountiful of impeccable makeup trends came across in 2016, many of them we still hold on to. From best contour palette to best highlighter, cushion foundations, matte lip creams, to immense layering, the..Read More

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January 30 , 2017

20 Skin Resolutions to Stop Breakouts and Blemishes

2016 was all things cruel, right from your taxes, single status to your SKIN- always on a drive. So, here we look up to 2017 all eyes open with much conjecture for a skin that boasts of real beauty and flawlessness. We don't expect Facetune kind of skin, apparently,..Read More

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December 29 , 2016

10 “No Salon” Hairstyles to Go with Ethnic Wear

We are back and rolling!! Divas you all must be acquainted with not one but many commitments to be fulfilled during your course of dressing up Indian ethnic wear. Don’t you? Yes, we can sense it. Dolling up a designer lehenga is not complete unless you are not..Read More

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December 09 , 2016

Bring Your Best POUT with Lip Contouring

A woman is BEAUTY in its all sense. She is a DIVA juggling zillion roles and yet be always on fleek. No doubts, after wearing so many hats which are certainly a back breaking task, women do everything with her best traits. When it comes to beauty she is same ways..Read More

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October 07 , 2016

Get a skin makeover with Facial oils

Unless you have not lived under the rock, you must know the world is going gaga about the facial oils. If they have got your fancy, you won’t be able to resist them. Facial oils though lead with many fallacies being the fact they clog pores to they make your face..Read More

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September 28 , 2016