Some dupatta choices for stylish women to have

As they say, a dupatta is what one need to give an enchanting note to the style one pursues. Well, we buy it apparently. A dupatta is one piece in Indian ethnic wear that adds notes of vibrance, elegance, colour and above all ethereal sense. For every woman today, having..Read More

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April 04 , 2017

8 Colour Combos that embrace Indian skin tone Beautifully!!

Indian skin tone is considered the sexiest ever. Call it the genes or the environment we survive in, India women are lucky damsels!! So, how about discussing the colours that make the lasting impression on her beauty? Ethnic wear for women have evolved over the years and..Read More

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January 21 , 2017

20 Dupatta Draping Styles Right From The Experts

If you think that getting your hands on that exclusive designer outfit, those mind fuming gorgeous accessories, that on point footwear and the right dose of makeup is enough to accentuate your look, we have to tell you—NO. It’s not about what you buy; it’s..Read More

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January 07 , 2017

15 Anarkali Suits to “Match Your Moment” this Shaadi Season

As gruelling the shadi shopping seems it is way more than that!! Believe us. But, here we got your back!!! Undoubtedly, deciding what to wear for the shadi season irks every girl out there. Sari, suits, lehengas, or a combination of something offbeat? But this is a..Read More

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December 02 , 2016