10 "No Salon" Hairstyles to Go with Ethnic Wear

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December 09, 2016

We are back and rolling!! Divas you all must be acquainted with not one but many commitments to be fulfilled during your course of dressing up Indian ethnic wear. Don’t you?

Yes, we can sense it.

Dolling up a designer lehenga is not complete unless you are not accessorised, masked with makeup, swinging the sexiest shoes and on top of all HAIR on fleek. Yes, managing your tresses is a dwelling task and need some invigorating efforts. After all, you don’t want to turn DRAB just because you didn’t drop attention to your MANE MANAGEMENT.

Getting your hair business on point is a big league and even the skilled beauty enthusiasts are not able to do justice with it always.  However, whether it is a party, a wedding to attend or any occasion, you would not want to land up with some salon help. Right?

 What if you could ace in pelting your skills for managing a superb hairstyle that goes RIGHT with your designer Anarkali dresses?

Well, yes, of course, so stay hooked as we unveil some “easy peasy “No salon” hairstyles right away:

1.    Low hair Bun

Alia Bhat

This has taken quite an astonishing move right from Diwali. From Bachchan’s Diwali party to Ambani’s latest extravaganza, this trend has got its place right to the eyes of style squads. From designer sarees to those flowy Anarkali suits, this hairstyle will match the celebrations perfectly. For any new age preps to look ethereal, the low hair bun trend could just play right and powerful.

Editor’s Note: Try putting in floral embellishments or white flowers in the low bun to be in high swag.

2.    The 'No Care" braided obsession

Shilpa Shetty

For a quick, no trick hairstyle, braiding your mane is just the right action at place. This falls for a choice when you are in no time to put your hair and ultimately try this no care braided obsession. As they say, messy hair don’t care, let it go untidy with mid parting or enveloped hair and try braiding it haphazardly.

Editor’s Note: Spray it up to jazz the look and make it as untidy as you planned.

3.    Royal hair Updo:

Deepika Padukone

Don’t go intimidated with the name itself. Royalty here won’t pocket you. Simply curl your hair which is a good idea though and manage your mane in hair updo. This is another quick fix for the brilliance you need for your hair. Mid parted hair and front fringe hair puffs, both look graceful.

Editor’s Note: Bobby pins are your rescue here. Use good quality bobby pins and pin it up religiously.

4.    Half up half down curls

Bridal Hairstyle look

We have seen the wave of half up half down hair almost every time. These are super easy and call for a no fuss game. Among ethnic wear hairstyles, this is preferred over a plethora of Indian ethnic wear, sarees not to forget! Curl up your tresses first and take the front portion of your hair and secure it with bobby pins or simply buckle up with a nice hair accessory letting half your hair falling down, and half tied to perfection.

Editor’s Note: Be gentle and opt for loose curls preferably waves.

5.    Make it a ponytail braid

Kareena Hairstyle

Try This

There are times when experimentation is quite a trick, and there you can take the aid of a ponytail as a festive essentials  style. Yes, not a tedious ponytail but a braided one. Simply braid your ponytail into Fishtail braid or French braids and let your hair look be all spick and span. It could come out to be your go-to hairstyle for bridal salwar kameez and designer sarees.

Editor’s Note: Don’t tie your pony too hard or you might invite severe hair breakage.

6.    Multiple back Braids it is:

Alia Bhat hairstyle

This has been the latest bandwagon taking the beauty bloggers by storm. Multiple back braids so adorned by many Bollywood celebs is just the right note of experimentation you need. This account for a heavy makeover and you might need a helping hand or two. Different way and accessories can play the part. Take inspiration from Alia Bhatt girls!

Editor’s Note: Do not wear this hairstyle with heavy embroidered, embellished and patchwork outfits.

7.    A neat Beehive bun:

Deepika Padukone Hairstyle?

If you heart puffs and slightly up style, then a beehive bun could be your rescue. Do you?

Ask any girl for a princess makeover for that panache look for the wedding, a beehive bun takes all the notes.

It is simple to adorn by parting your front temple hairs and then taking them slightly upward, holding them at one place with hair clips and accessories. The left falling hair can be made to a mid-level bun.

Editor’s Note: It may need some extra cautious hands and mind. So be gentle to come with no fallacy on the one go. 

8.    Oh so sassy Braided Bun!!

Sonam Kapoor hairstyle

Try This

How many of you envy Sonam Kapoor for her sincerity in pulling off every hairstyle, outfit, makeup, accessories with NO ERRORS?

We all do. Yes, she has become a style goddess and has got some hands-on skills in diffusing the wave of latest trends.

Braided buns are a real inspiration borrowed from her. Simple to execute by making loose braids and then tying it to a bun. Give some jazz to it and voila team it religiously over sarees and suits.

Editor’s Note: Let your neck be naked in this particular hairdo

9.    Fishtail braids:

Fishtail breads

You cannot ignore this particular hairstyle for all the positive rave reviews from beauty bloggers, style divas, Bollywood and Hollywood celebs. Fishtail braids are an obsession.

They are intricate in the making, but once you have put your hands on it, hair you slay any outfit like a boss. For hairstyle Indian wear, you add the drama with sleek pleats and many rounds of twists and turns.

Editor’s Note: They go well on sarees and less embellished styles.

10.    "High" on High Pony tail:

Nargis Fakri hairstyle?

We have lived by pulling it off over the years. Don’t you?

Add some extra texture to your hair, preferably sleek ironed hair and tie your hair into a pony. This hairstyle is all things glam and chic for a cocktail party, and Indian dresses like Anarkali suits, lehengas and Indian gowns.

Editor’s Note: Make sure you iron your hair and add texture for a drop dead gorgeous look.

So, we’re Saying...

Designer Indian dresses appeal their best with right hair, right makeup and of course right accessories. Make sure Divas you get the catch and look stupendously beautiful in any upcoming wedding function or party trying at least one of the above hairstyles. 

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