Bring Your Best POUT with Lip Contouring

Bring Your Best POUT with Lip Contouring

Posted by Like a Diva
October 07, 2016

A woman is BEAUTY in its all sense. She is a DIVA juggling zillion roles and yet be always on fleek. No doubts, after wearing so many hats which are certainly a back breaking task, women do everything with her best traits.

When it comes to beauty she is same ways brilliant in delivering her true sense. Being all set in her right makeup, gorgeous outfit and befitting accessories, she turn heads and impresses the world.

But yes, as a woman we all cringe when it is about unleashing that best POUT. Don't we? Is it about expressions or something with lips needed to be figured out? Pouting has been all the rage from a time now and women are just marking their right notes on this string.

So here comes lip contouring to your rescue that is an aid to all your problems.

Lip contouring is an art of getting fuller lips without any under the knife measures and witness voluptuously contoured lips.

After hearing face contouring, nose contouring, and even leg contouring, lips’ contouring is quite making the bubbles. It is a widely acclaimed makeup trend to feature bigger, fuller and better lips without any harsh measures and not looking like a clown indeed.

If we have to go on Bollywood celeb scale, they are all flaunting contoured lips. After all, every girl looks for flaunting her bigger and beautiful Kylie Jenner lips. 

Kylie Jenner lips

So, let’s unveil how you turn brilliant with lip contouring and what all you need:


What do you need?


Lip liner 1 -shade lighter

Lip liner 2- dark shade


Lip gloss (optional)


How it is done?


Choose your color:

Choose your color

Before you actually start picking the brighter bold shades, understand what it is like? Natural or lighter colors are naturally illuminating and darker colors, on the other hand, are naturally slimming. It is always an easier task to blend in with lighter colors.

So for starters it is advisable to try experimenting with light colors and once you master, the world is yours.




Before you kick-start applying anything, prep in advance by exfoliation and moisturising your lips.

Flaky and cracked lips are a complete no no as lip contouring is all about highlighting your lips and a blot impression is severely thumbs down.


Cover it up:

Cover it up

Concealer that fairly matches with your skin tone is all you need to start with.

Apply concealer for enough coverage because it creates a base and let the lipstick stay for long. It also fights the odds from any lip discoloration if you have.


Line it up:

Line it up

A lighter lip liner is what you need to start lining your lips. Make sure you start lining your lips from a slightly outer area of your lips. Now fill in your lip with a light lip liner.




Here you go on the main work. Start by filling in the corner of your lips with dark lip liner and process through the midway.

As shown, now you need to draw three lines on the bottom lip and two lines on your upper lip. You should use any matte lip liner with a smooth consistency.


Lipstick fill in:

Lipstick fill in

Now it's time to fill in the lipstick and remember contouring is all about blending accurately. So blend and blend and blend. The harsh lines as created should not be visible so make sure you do it right.


Finish it up:

Finish it up

As you have created the matte contoured lips it’s time to give it the final touches. Either you can keep it the way you managed to make or apply a tinge of lip-gloss to offer the final shine.

Apply a lip gloss as it plump up your lips even more and accentuates the contouring. 

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