Get a skin makeover with Facial oils

Get a skin makeover with Facial oils

Posted by Like a Diva
September 28, 2016

Unless you have not lived under the rock, you must know the world is going gaga about the facial oils. If they have got your fancy, you won’t be able to resist them. Facial oils though lead with many fallacies being the fact they clog pores to they make your face extremely sticky and dull.

Yes, they break out also? But all the questions need to be dumped before you have not used one.

Facial oils, on the contrary, works miraculously well on the skin and offers the much-needed sheen and texture to that withered saggy face.

They are plant based soothers that locks in moisture, prevent fine lines and breakouts. If used religiously well, they rejuvenate skin giving it an all new texture and glow. The beauty gurus across the globe have been gushing over facial oils.

If you don’t know much about facial oils or still in the apprehension of which one to cart in? Don’t worry, here are we decoding the best of facial oils as per your skin:

  • Dry skin   

The Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil


This bottle of a miracle indeed does something to your skin and that too on the brighter side.  Ever since this product is launched it has all the rage. Beauty bloggers, reviewers have been in love with the potent results.

A combination of seven different oils- lavender, rosemary, geranium, orange peel, lavandin, marjoram and Roman chamomile makes this oil a real winner. At least a winner for us. We recommend this oil for the dry skin people.

Though it is non-sticky and very light, oily skin people can find the difference too. It adds that nourishment and hydration in the skin within few days of the application.

 Olay Regenerist Luminous Facial Oil

For more reasoned oil that features coconut oil as its main ingredient, this oil is a true bliss.

With both omega 3 and 9 that brings in the elasticity of the skin, this Olay oil gets absorbed into the skin like a true miracle. It has become a real fetish for many women who got peace with this one oil.




The more we talk about Bio-Oils the lesser we will fall short of words.

Bio-oils are just a supplement of pure nourishment to the skin that combats scars and stretch marks. If you were thinking that bio-oils are for stretch marks, knock knock, it a magic packed in a small bottle. 

The main ingredient being calendula oil and several other natural oils prevents from skin discolouration and bring in elasticity to the skin.

If you have fresh scars, go no other than bio oil and voila you will find scar free skin in few usages. It has been taken as a conventional treatment for stretch marks.

  • Oily skin

Natura Bisse Rose Mosqueta Oil


Well, coming to the oils that give some great results for your oily skin is this expensive oil. It is an amazeballs remedy packed in a bottle that gives serious skin goals.

With rosehip oil that is rich in Vitamin C, you get to measure a considerable amount of change in your skin. This is a great remedy for helping your skin from any discoloration and breakouts. Not only has that it gives the skin a beautiful texture when used continuously.

Caudalie Overnight Recovery Oil


Ladies, we know you have ransacked many drugstore shelves to find a product that works wonder for your skin.

But, we are sure you haven't given a try to this bottle of facial oil? This facial oil contains grape seed oil that is miraculous for aiding the skin with required lustre and brings the GLOW.

If you have used it religiously, you get to know that it diminishes the appearance of under-eye circles.

Go give it a try for sure.

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil


Team Like A Diva personally swears by this oil. It is an oil that can make a drastic change in your skin. This formula is made of 100% natural extracts that works wonderfully best to replenish the skin.

With chamomile oil, geranium and lotus extracts, you are able to eliminate just the right amount of oil from that super oily skin. This is great for the ones with acne prone oily skin as it does its potent work and leaves a non-greasy healthy skin behind.

  • Sensitive skin

Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate


Kiehl’s products have made a revolution in the world of skin care. With the right formula matching your skin in place, you get to really love your skin after regular usage.

Rich in ginger root extracts this oil prevents the skin from irritants. The extremely light consistency of this oil let you feel your skin like a magic and works great as a barrier from dirt and pollution.

Clinique smart treatment oil

Clinique products have always been all the rage. With high laboratory testing, they prepare products that literally work in transforming the skin.

This skin treatment is based on argan oil and is completely non-oily and non-irritant. With antioxidants infused it helps in boosting the cell production and transforms the skin in few days of continuous application.

Facial oils are the best thing happen to mankind oops, womankind and ladies, you get to try these bundle of joys for flaunting that flawless skin.

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