10 Legit Diwali Gift ideas that Brings Smile Worth Noticing

10 Legit Diwali Gift ideas that Brings Smile Worth Noticing

Posted by Like a Diva
October 24, 2016

Here come Diwali and we are all prepared. Major shopping has been done and houses are glistening with the aura, lights are up and you have pretty much done the gift shopping.

Gifts are a note of sharing your love and affection to the person who matters to you elders, youngsters, father, mother, friends, colleagues and your entire family. This Diwali is no different wherein you are going to loathe with bowls and bowls of sweet dishes making a space in your belly, sumptuous food giving you goals, gifts that are a token of genuine love showered, Diwali is a treat.

But you can make a difference to this Diwali going offbeat. Millennial are known to inculcate the weirdest and the bestest of ideas and you guys are no different.

Therefore, be creative and know some awesome Diwali gift ideas that will be a lightning deal for your relatives and family.

We tell you right here:


Dump "Mithai ka Dabba" and Dry Fruit Box:

Dump Mithai ka Dabba and Dry Fruit Box

This gift has become a mandatory treat for Diwali and by the end of the festival you are able to settle piles of it in your home.

This diet conscious world is already freaking out over losing that bulge with that extra loaded fat. Therefore, ditch this conventional gifting idea and add some low-fat home baked cookies, sugar less homemade chocolates or for that matter, market is already filled with some healthy options.

Dry fruit boxes are passé.


A gift card:

Gift Card

We all know the power of online shopping has shaken us to bits. The world is online, and having said that a gift card is a key to all their happiness.

Fix an amount and don’t let your choice overpower theirs. Let them buy their worthy spirits and bring the smile they will not stop thanking you.


Cupcake filled Diwali:

Cupcake filled Diwali

If you are thinking cupcakes are reserved for Christmas, flush your belief.

We all know how important is Diwali ka Meetha, but why always those conventional Mithai, huh!!! Try cupcake boxes or Donut boxes for that matter that are gorgeously decorated and the very look takes the spirits high.

A great number of confectionary stores are prepared to unleash the best they got.


Traditional wear game on fleek:

Stunning Peach Designer Lehenga - Like A Diva

Closed ones need something huge, big and definitely your extra attention. Make their Diwali game special by buying them a drop dead gorgeous ethnic outfit.

The game of ethnic wear can never go off the board. Look for Anarkali suits, palazzo suits, Indo western suits, designer lehengas, and evening gowns as this time of the year market unveils some mind fuming outfits.

Let your beloved dress like a diva on this auspicious Diwali and get ample of kisses and hugs in return.


Home decor surprise:

Home decor surprise

The local bazaars have a wave of interesting surprises as gifts. Be it that traditional old antique wall clock, a set of offbeat mugs, there are chances to find interesting cool vintage stuff to be gifted.

Get it packed nicely and it will awestruck the receiver.


Aromatic infusion:

Aromatic infusion

The power of aromatic fragrances is quite in and the world is obsessed with the magical relieving and relaxing power it creates. There is nothing more charming than a house filled with whiffs of lemon grass, lavenders and jasmines during the festive seasons.

Take a notch up and gift essential oil sets as a gift. For the festive season almost near these fragrances will add a soothing touch to their lives.


Majestic Lamps and Lights:

Majestic Lamps and Lights

Diwali being the festival of lights depicts thrilling lightning at every nook and corner of the house.

How about gifting an unconventional lamp to your friend that could be used around the year?

You can give the finishing touch with a quirky message to ingest extra awesomeness.


A body care hamper:

A body care hamper

Being a diva is a nerve stretching task. You need an extra dose of almost everything to be on the edge. Here if someone gifts a body care hamper, it add smiles to miles.

So, why not gift a body care hamper to your close ones this Diwali?

Pick from a store nearby or order it online (but make sure you place the order before to get on time delivery.



kitchen Appliances

Taking steps similar to technology, the market is unravelling some impossibly insane multi-utility appliances that aid not even the home boss but her subsidiaries can play an equivalent role.

Whether it's a coffee machine, air fryer, waffle makers to toasters, there is so much for the people around to gift. Something special you are looking for, this could be an ideal treat.


Unique card sets:

Unique card sets

Diwali brings a lot of good things together. Way before Diwali, the game of cards gets pretty much on. So, bling on with the “patti” scenes and gift your friends a unique set of these.

Investing in unique poker playing cards is a deal you can't miss. Of course, your friends will appreciate it more than those extra loaded calories.

Diwali is almost here!! Binge into awesome gifting and get on your gears to find the best. Share many smiles DIVAS!!

Happy Diwali

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