A Diva's guide of some offbeat Valentine's Day ideas

A Diva's guide of some offbeat Valentine's Day ideas

Posted by Like a Diva
February 13, 2017

Come February and you are mingled with a week-long Valentine celebrations to woo your lover. Yes, they say “love is in the air”. But why only a few days for that love to be floating? Blame it on your knowledge on “what is Valentine’s Day” but certainly it is another day to welcome a reason for some lovey dovey feelings and gestures.

On that note, Valentine’s Day is just here and no matter you are single or partnered, there is no bad in smearing love for your significant other. Shower love to your lover, husband, Mom, Dad, brother, sister, the entire clan and friends for a reason Valentine’s Day is giving with Valentines gifts.

But why it has to be about high budgeted surprises. Love is not valued by the price tag, and apparently, you do not have to put a fortune to bring that smile, your efforts that define the love you are pouring in does the entire trick.

Therefore, we have chalked down some offbeat Valentine’s Day ideas with the real motive of – spreading love and happiness:

1.    Away from the city:

Away from the city - likeadiva

City humdrum is the chorus of daily life. Take a day out, and Valentine’s comes as a perfect getaway. Take your friends/family/lover out for that “special moment” and not if all the loud noise and lavish food a day away from your main hub fill you up with new energy.

2.    Message in a bottle:

Message in a bottle

As Valentine’s Day is all about expressing your pounds of feelings before the other person, it should have some good vibes attached. Therefore, indulge into some memory making with classy bottle notes. Gift your love stored in a bottle and see how you steal his heart.

3.    Dress for him:

Dress for him - likeadiva

Well, we all know dressing up is always on point and certainly, should live by that. After all, a woman picking up some heart stealer dresses and teaming it up nicely should go paramount. Whether it is ethnic wear for women or a gorgeous red fancy dress, pull it off with all the stylish elements. So, here to that glory- dress up like a slayer and see how he just floats for you. Wink wink!!

4.    All by yourself:

All by yourself - likeadiva

No matter what how nicely you plan out things, there is always some room left for changes. You can take this to your advantage as among perfect Valentine’s Day ideas for him and take out time to do things that can bring that AWWW smile on his face. Whether it is a change he is looking for your home or personally, why don’t you wear the “hats of angel” and do it for him.

5.    All things nature:

All things nature - likeadiva

Everything loves some nature pampering and Valentine’s Day is another excuse to just plunge into some nature vibes. We are not complaining as the positive vibes a sun basking on the beach, reading a book in the park below a tree and that picnic in the woods- these elements are just incomparable to celebrate “Love” more than anything.

6.    Prepare a BOOK of MEMOIRES:

Prepare a BOOK of MEMOIRES - likeadiva

Another amount of love you can pour in for your valentine is by creating your very own book of memoirs. Penning down your events, your beautiful memories with some refreshing pictures is enough to be a treasure of love. Invest time to gift this to your lover, parents, siblings, and friends and see how you are making V-Day at the right place.

7.    Entertain Entertain Entertain:

Entertain Entertain Entertain

Enough of entertainment is not enough. We all seek in loving and living happily and here entertainment plays the right hat in making us one. So, why not put in some extra efforts to entertain your significant other. A smile that your fortune worthy gift cannot bring, a small act of entertainment can do it nicely.

8.    Sweet tooth with handmade desserts/chocolates:

Sweet tooth with handmade desserts/chocolates?

As any prosperous event requires a tad of sweet savouring, why not give it your way? Prepare your very own chocolates or desserts to give that sweet tooth and voila nothing can beat the dollop of love you put in while cooking for the best people in your life.

Wrapping it up:

So, here we are putting in our friends of celebrating love and knitting memories. Hope you can take your picks and add more moments of cherishing.

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