DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas For Divas

DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas For Divas

Posted by Like a Diva
December 21, 2017

The countdown to Christmas has begun and you must have started a search for unique Christmas decor ideas. To brighten up your Holiday home like a diva, we have compiled a bucket list of DIY Holiday decor ideas that are merry and quirky. Here you go:


Christmas Themed Tablescape



Your guest must be visiting you. So you will want to have a nice centerpiece for your Christmas tablescape. Here’s a DIY Christmas decor by The Sweet Escape.

For this you need a gold laced table runner, glam gold and silver mini trees, deer and delicious smelling candles in mini mason jars. The blogger used a bunch of fallen birch tree branches cut in different sizes but you can use whatever is available to you. The décor offers a contrast between the natural birch and fibre in the runner blended with the glam of silver and gold.


Carnation Snowman



Add a quirky touch to your holiday décor with a blossoming snowman made from white carnations. Here is a DIY by Brian Patrick Flynn.

For this you need 8-inch, 6-inch & 4-inch floral foam spheres; 50 single-stem white carnations; 30 single-stem white mini carnations; pack of wooden skewers; one 12-inch-long wooden dowel; 1/4" diameter floral wire; scissors or floral shears; extension cord; spool of 2-inch ribbon; carrot; black buttons and a doll's hat.

Use kitchen knife to flatten the bottom of the 8-inch floral sphere. This will allow it to sit easily on a tabletop. Completely soak spheres in water to keep stems of flowers hydrated once inserted. Using a dowel secure all three spheres on top of each other. Starting from the bottom sphere, insert carnations into all spheres. Use twigs as arms. Add buttons to the center of the bottom and middle spheres and into the top sphere as eyes. Next add the carrot nose and tie a ribbon between the middle and top sphere as a scarf. Glue the hat on top.


Jar Christmas Tree



You can enliven a corner of your living room with this quirky Christmas tree. For this you need six mason jars, Christmas ornament set, tree topper and a bead garland. Fill all the like-sized jars with ornaments, tinsel, greenery and other material you have. Assemble the jars in a pyramid, then decorate with a silver beads garland and top with a star. Your tree is in place now!


Christmas Lantern



Create stunning lanterns evoking picture-perfect holiday scenes, filled with snow and twinkling lights. Here’s a DIY from Adventure In A Box.

For this you need jars of different sizes and shapes, a can of blue spray paint, a paint marker and LED white light candles. Wash your jars. Spray paint the outsides of the jars. Be careful to leave the jars translucent by spraying a thin, even layer. Once they are dry, drop a candle inside of one jar and see how the light comes through. If you think that one layer of paint was not enough, add another.

Print a design you want and insert inside the jar. Trace it with a marker on the outside of the jar. And then colour it with black broad point marker. Next put some candles in and brighten up your holidays!


Dress Like A Diva



Now your home is festive ready, what about you? Christmas is the time when friends and family gather together and celebrate. Being the hostess you need to look like a perfect diva. We have handpicked this cold shoulder designer anarkali gown for you to exude festive vibes. It adds a touch of vibrant sophistication to your personal style. Team it with a designer clutch to complete your fusion look. Explore the complete range of designer Indian anarkali suits online by Like A Diva here.

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