Patola Sarees: Exploring the Rich Tradition

Patola Sarees: Exploring the Rich Tradition

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March 18, 2023

Saree is the most popular garment when it comes to Indian dresses. Numerous types and styles of sarees are available in India, including Banarasi silk sarees, leheriya sarees, patola print sarees and more. Patola sarees are an exquisite example of the traditional weaving art of India. These sarees are known for their intricate designs, vibrant colours, and unique weaving technique. In this article, we will explore the history of Patola sarees, the intricacies of the Patola weave, and the cultural significance of these beautiful sarees.

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The word 'Patola' comes from the Sanskrit word 'Pattakulla', which means 'a silk cloth that is woven with an ikat technique.' The weaving of Patola sarees is a time-consuming and complex process that requires skilful hands and a keen eye for detail.

Origin and history of patola weave

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The origin of Patola weaving can be traced back to the 11th century, during the reign of the Solanki dynasty in Gujarat. It is believed that the art of Patola weaving was brought to Gujarat by the Salvi community, who were skilled weavers from Maharashtra's Jalna district. The Salvi community settled in the Patan region of Gujarat and began to create Patola sarees using the double ikat technique under the patronage of King Kumarpal of the Solanki dynasty.

The mention of Patola sarees is also found in the Narasimha Purana where it is mentioned that South Indian women used to drape it during festivals.

The Patola sarees gained immense popularity in the 17th century. These sarees were considered luxury items and were often worn by royal families and aristocrats. These sarees were also exported to other countries like Indonesia and Europe, where they were highly prized.

Despite facing competition from modern textile industries, Patola weaving has survived over the centuries due to the dedication of the weavers who have passed down their skills from generation to generation.

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Patola fabric creation

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The creation of Patola fabric is a complex and time-consuming process that involves several stages of dyeing and weaving. The Patola fabric is made using the double ikat technique, which involves weaving the warp and weft threads separately and then carefully aligning them to create a precise pattern.

The weavers use natural dyes to colour the threads, which are then woven together to create a beautiful and intricate design. The Patola weave requires a lot of precision and patience, as even a slight mistake can ruin the entire fabric.

The process of creating Patola fabric can take up to six months or even a year, depending on the complexity of the design. The result is a stunning, handcrafted fabric that is cherished for its beauty and cultural significance.

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Difference between double ikat & single ikat

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Ikat is a traditional dyeing technique used to create patterns on fabric. In ikat weaving, the yarn is first dyed to create a pattern, and then the yarn is woven to create the fabric. There are two types of ikat weaving: single ikat and double ikat.

Single ikat involves dyeing only the warp or weft threads before weaving them together. This means that only one set of threads is dyed, and the other set remains undyed. The undyed threads act as a background to the dyed threads, creating a pattern on the fabric.

Double ikat, on the other hand, involves dyeing both the warp and weft threads before weaving them together. This means that both sets of threads are dyed with the same pattern, and they must be aligned perfectly during weaving to create the intended design. Double ikat weaving is a much more complex process than single ikat, as it requires a high level of skill and precision to ensure that the pattern comes out correctly.

The main difference between single and double ikat is the number of sets of threads that are dyed. Single ikat uses only one set of dyed threads, while double ikat uses two sets of dyed threads. Double ikat weaving is considered to be more intricate and difficult, and the resulting fabric is often more expensive and highly prized.

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