Trick Those Eyes: Simple Tips to look Slimmer in Indian Ethnic Wear

Trick Those Eyes: Simple Tips to look Slimmer in Indian Ethnic Wear

Posted by Like a Diva
November 25, 2016

Without a doubt, it's time to admit, we all love to do unhealthy bingeing and devour all those chocolate brownies, truffles and butter filled cookies.

C’mon, even if we will try, we end up making our way to that inviting food. Well, but seeing the over regulated disciplinary life of eating healthy, stay fit and all the blaaaahs, how to commit looking slimmer when you envelop yourself into that drop dead gorgeous outfit?

Well, here comes the resort, if you can't accomplish that losing 20 kgs or 10 kgs or 5 kgs, why not cheat those eyes as it is the power of dressing that could literally do all the MAGIC.

Yes, so why not know that magic instead, despite this heck tiring committed regime of rolling your pants off in the gym.

Let's go, ladies, find it here:


1.    The fabric needs to be RIGHT:

The fabric needs to be RIGHT - Like A Diva

Be a congenial soul with your outfit. But at the same time, do not forget the fabric that suits your body type. In power dressing for looking slimmer, one should see that fabric should be chosen appropriately.

Choose an outfit according to your body type. No matter you are pear, apple, petite or athletic, there is something for everyone.

If you are petite, choose raw silk fabrics and net, if you are on a heavier side go for georgettes and chiffons.


2.    Blouse and sleeves cut does the trick:

Blouse and sleeves cut does the trick - Like A Diva

It has been found that a lot of women don’t actually pay attention to the blouse designs and the sleeves length and here they note those popped up eyes to find that flaw. If you are not the one who can easily let anyone catch the attention, be smart pants and give extra focus to the blouse designs and sleeves cut. For a bride, bridesmaid, ladies, and all the beautiful women, sleeves that cut off to the upper arm make the arms look bulky and more eye catchy. Today, elbow length sleeves are doing all the talkings.

That arm may be on a heavier side though, and even after you hit off the gym zillion times it is rigid to get off its way.


3.    Dupatta drapes are so so so so important:

Dupatta drapes are so so so so important - Like A Diva

Here we are talking about dupatta drapes that come along to every woman’s head when she is putting on a lehenga or a Designer Anarkali suit. Drape it to camouflage that bulk. If you are heavier on the chest or probably having a round face, go for drapes that are not poufy on the chest or you are making a voluminous mistake over there.

The safest option or dupatta drape is one that is pinned on one side or just hanging like a sari. Here you can flaunt that tummy or skin show the way you like. More to it, you can also cover up your side bulges if any with the dupatta be like.


4.    Wear Designer lehenga on point:

Wear Designer lehenga on point - Like A Diva

If you are thick skin just like a diva should be, trash all the qualms and do not be afraid of body shaming. Love your body the way it is, but contrary to that there is no bad in concealing that fat that is hurdling between to let you look stupendous. So, you can wear the lehenga with a trick to look super flat fab.

The right part to wear the lehenga is under the ribs and above the tummy. Girls look head over heels flattering and it is undoubtedly the best part of your torso. So, wear the new age lehengas on the right part and look brilliantly slimmer.


5.    Don’t take a step back from skin show:

Don't take a step back from skin show - Like A Diva

Women are beautiful and they should embrace their body the way it is gifted. So, ladies be a doting lover and don’t stop in showing off some V neckline. It is a hack to look slimmer and gorgeous.

The point is- the upside down triangle gives rise to a high focal point up and takes all the attention over there letting you look slimmer with a longer upper body type.


6.    No MISFIT with LINGERIE:


Attention ladies!!! Do anything in the world but not this. While opting lingerie for Indian ethnic wear, think twice or thrice or zillion times. Remember if your chest is supported right, there only you can make all the difference towards looking slim and fab.


7.    Try shapewear under your dresses to tame that bulge:

Try shapewear under your dresses to tame that bulge

The market of shape wears has taken to new heights. Girls are grateful to the wondrous trick that can set the bulge right and let you be all mind fuming.


8.    Darker colours nullify the projection:

Darker colours nullify the projection - Like A Diva

A heavier outfit in dark colour can certainly let you look all slender. The world knows it now. Dark colours are magic and if here black is not your thing, try solids of browns, wines, violets, mulberry and what not.


9.    Go with monotone outfits:

Go with monotone outfits

Another trick to your rescue is –monotone outfits. If you have not been living under the rock, you must know the illusion of monotones. Tops and bottoms of same colour are impressing and create an uninterrupted vertical line making you look thinner and flawless.


10.    Right pose/heels/ posture- Keep a note:

Right poseheels posture- Keep a note

Last not always comes with a surprise, this is obvious but not all of us do it RIGHT. Your body posture can even make or break your entire look no matter you wore the highest designer outfit or for that matter carry the perfect figure. If your posture is wrong, your game is gone.

Next, your heels are brilliant to ramping your height and elevating you up, so binge into happy heeling!! The strikingly right pose you study and figure out should be implemented.

Shoulders back, chin forward and turn the body slightly and voila you are ready to snap like a million dollar with the shutterbugs. Remember while posing arms also does a brilliant trick to make you look heavier or slim. Arms in resting position look heavy and arms that make a certain move or posture (like against your body sides) get to look slimmer and marks a huge difference.

So Ladies mark the illusion like a boss.

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