Tips To Choose The Best Silk Saree

Tips To Choose The Best Silk Saree

Posted by Like A Diva
March 15, 2022

Indian silk sarees never fade away. The enigmatic appeal of these sarees lends an overall universal charm, which is fashionable and contemporary. Considered as one of the classic Indian sarees of all time, silk drapes are the best fit for any occasion. Considering that, silk sarees are of varied qualities, you can safely choose the best design and quality of sarees to match every occasion.

Dusty Pink Silk Based Embellished Saree

However, the diversities and variations in silk sarees make it challenging to choose the best quality. Needless to add, there are many variations of silk sarees available in the market, but not all sarees are the same. Some sarees are intelligent fakes.

To choose a silk sarees, follow these tips:

#1: Touch & Feel The Fabric

Pista Green Silk Floral Saree

This is a decisive test for all designer sarees. When you touch a pure quality silk saree, it feels very soft; you can also feel the uniform smoothness of the saree. Silk is a rich fabric, but it is also soft on the skin. The material is not coarse. If you feel tufts or bubbles on the saree, better to avoid. Always check for these signs in a wedding saree or a designer saree in silk.

#2: Fabric Sheen

Plum Zari Weaved Handloom Silk Saree

Premium quality silk sarees have a unique luster and sheen. The material is excellent. However, ensure that the material is not shiny. The sheen, rather, should be sophisticated and visible in the light. It should be a rich shine but not too shiny on the eyes.

#3: Weight of the Saree

Purple Zari Weaved Handloom Silk Saree

The weight of a silk saree is a much debatable affair. Experts believe that a superior quality designer saree in silk usually weighs more. However, contrary to popular belief, good quality and pure silk sarees are always lightweight. Even though these sarees may have an excellent fall and the look of the sarees are sophisticated and rich, they do not weigh much.

#4: Choice of Shop

Dark Green Zari Weaved Soft Handloom Silk Saree

If you are looking for high-quality sarees made of silk, it is always suggested to visit your known shop. Even online, you should always choose a trusted eCommerce store for designer sarees and wedding sarees made of the best quality of silk.

#5: Choice of Colours

Teal Blue Silk Based Embellished Saree

Colours make a significant difference to your choice of sarees. Only good silk sarees have sophisticated colours with matching artwork. You can choose from a light or a dark colour. Always note that the colours are not significantly loud and crass. You can even mix colours of different threads and weave the saree. 

#6: Selective Borders

Peachish Pink Embellished Organza Silk Saree

Premium silk, whether wedding sarees or designer sarees feature intricate thread work and borders in the whole body. Both the quality of the embroidery and the thread speak volumes about the silk material and its purity.

Know Your Options

When it comes to silk sarees, there is no dearth of options. As all the festive and designer Indian sarees are made out of silk fabric, you would be spoilt for choice. Here’s our recommendation for the most stunning and glamorous drapes that never fail to please:

Tussar Silk Saree

Red Tussar Silk Weaved Saree

Blue Tussar Silk Weaved Saree

Tussar silk aces up the trend. It shall do you justice. Be beautiful and bold in a multi-coloured tussar silk drape enhanced with a rich border. These sarees are the perfect examples of marvellous innovations to traditional and modern wardrobes. 

Silk Brocade Sarees

Mustard Yellow Silk Border Saree With Brocade Blouse

Brocade motifs add a glamorous touch to silk sarees. These are the best wedding sarees for millennials for sangeet or cocktail parties. Any brocade design you choose, whether floral or embroidery, can add to make the appearance more vibrant with a touch of style.

Banarasi Silk Sarees

Grey Banarasi Silk Embellished Saree

Red-Pink Handloom Weaved Banarasi Silk Saree

Unmatched when compared to any other pattern or fabric, Banarasi silk sarees showcase that regal and grand look. If the fabric is georgette, it is the best ensemble for festivals, rituals, and weddings. 

Handloom Silk Saree

Blue Zari Weaved Handloom Silk Saree

Timeless legacy lies in these imperial looms. This classic fabric finds a place in the hearts of every woman. It has a rich history that makes it more lovable. If you want your wardrobe to reflect your culture, you should choose this style. 

Organza Silk Saree 

Pastel Green Organza Silk Kutchi Work Saree

A sign of dignity in a new avatar – the organza silk saree is a contemporary ensemble with a hint of tradition. The popularity of this silk is enormous and its sheer texture is the major highlight.

Closing Thoughts

Silk holds a special place in the world of fashionable sarees. It highlights the Indian culture and makes a woman look like royalty. Give new dimensions to your style with an exquisite collection of silk sarees from Like A Diva.

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