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August 08, 2016

We are all sorted in life and somewhere we all are perplexed. Yes, we are talking about dressing up.

Dressing up is a long quest where every girl and woman takes hours to prepare her mind. What to wear and how to accessorize? They go errands in searching the best outfit and shop some expensive stuff in malls to grabbing a good deal in the street shopping.

Sadly, the charm is not ignited and she is again in the misery of her own world.  

Every girl looks for setting her personality differs from the crowd and that is what a pure element that makes her Diva in her own?

But again, it’s not about buying best, expensive, branded and in-trend accessories and clothes; it is about embracing your personality with what you have in you?

Let’s discover it here what makes a girl “A Diva” in her true spirits?

1. There is No Harm in Being Bold

Bring bold is “overstated” in our culture because the world may want girls to stay back in their safe tiny shells.

But yes, women of today snap all the restrictions and brace her personality with the moment itself. A good deal of the looks, the accessories, and the act bring the picture to impress.

She is set to ablaze the world with her big deal. It is not about fab or drab, it is all about how boldly you sport any color and look a big deal.


2. It is Not Always About High Price Tags

Well, as they say high price brings more jinx. Sadly, it is not about that.

You might have an experience where the expensive clothes bought from a high brand makes you look that dull and lifeless while the stuff bought from a local street enlighten your charisma.

Of course, pick clothes that you accompany with rather than thinking about the numbers on the price tag.


3. A Trendsetter

Divas are for setting the trends. They make good vibes and rock every outfit with the right accessory.

Whether it is ethnic wear or completely casual dresses, to be a diva at least one has to make a move.

We are not suggesting something quite unconventional, but yes, pull out something offbeat that penetrate in the minds of many out there.

Like A Diva showcases some offbeat styles to make you that chic.


4. After All, It’s Your Taste That Matters

Girls, you are breaking the rules if you are impressing others!!!

It has to be “impress yourself, and the world will fall at place”.

Dress up the way that comforts your soul. Compromising with your soul is a complete no no. Go with your taste and dress up in the most pleasant form.

Pick, match and don as per your choice. Straight, no advice, no nonsense!!!


5. Tame Hair Doesn’t Do The Talking

To make the drama right, experiment with the hair in the most pleasing form.

Where you are trying to look “mod” not modest, the rightful hair does not fit in the loop. Make the most remarkable impression by making your hair compliment your attire.

Go weird, go loud, go messy it is all about your choice where you can look a real diva.


6. A Right Pair of Shoes

It is not about going with the match. Why not do some mix and match?

You may discover some really cool colors and patterns in footwear and rock the look completely as a true Fashionista. A right pair of footwear not only adds the right magic to your look but also turns many heads as you walk the style corridors.

Try pumps, flat or heels and ooze ups the look in the most remarkable way.


7. Sprinkle The Diva Attitude

Adding the last bit, the quintessential diva attitude is everything to govern the magic.

Add your zing and look as vibrant as you can.

Splash the right attitude to team your boldness and make the fiercest move possible “Like A Diva” with no looking back.

Go ahead girl!!!


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