Banarasi Silk Sarees Are The Cool New & Classic Bridal Trend

Banarasi Silk Sarees Are The Cool New & Classic Bridal Trend

Posted by Like A Diva
July 07, 2020

Every single bride that I either see in person or in pictures is unique in her own way and also quite similar to one another. Confused? Well, let me explain….the most apparent similarity among Indian brides is that 80 percent of them opt for a silk, net or velvet lehenga for their wedding. I totally understand the fascination, being voluminous and as they look royal, they contribute to a rich bridal look. But don’t you believe it’s now for brides to opt for something different and unique.

I recently came across a few brides who adorn a Banarasi silk sarees on their big-day and trust me they looked magnificently gorgeous. Banarasi silk is only a stunning fabric, it has numerous other qualities that make it an amazing choice for your wedding ensemble.

Here’re some brilliant reasons why I think more number of brides should go for a Banarasi silk saree for their D-day!


They’re Super Easy to Style

Poppy Pink Banarasi Silk Saree

Believe you me when I say, Banarasi silk is the easiest stuff to style. When it comes to bridal wear gold and red will be a bombing combo. You can pair your silk saree with juttis& quirky accessories to give it a contemporary twist and woo everyone with your choice.

Unlike Heavy Lehengas, Post your Wedding you Can Reuse it

Banarasi silk is known for its rich design, appearance and sheen. It is not at all heavy and mostly doesn’t come with any extra embellishments and embroidery. This makes it easy to reuse post your marriage at any special occasions. All you need is a simple blouse and traditional earrings to pair it with and you’ll be all set with a phenomenal look to rock any occasion. Trust me it’s worth an investment.


It’s Not Heavy Yet Gives Royal Vibes

Green Banarasi Silk Saree with Embroidered Blouse

Since most of the Banarasi sarees are not embellished and embroidered it feels much lighter than other part wear sarees. And there is no bargain on elegancy. If you’ll pair it with the right kind of accessories you will definitely get the royal look. If you want that hat-ke look just add a dupatta (velvet is preferred) to your saree and no one will be able to match your gorgeousness.


It Looks Amazing on All Body Types

Grey Banarasi Silk Saree

The flowing fabric of silk gives a softer silhouette to your body and make it look in-shape. Even somebody with a slimmer figure can opt for Banarasi silk saree as it gives a fuller look. Believe you me, it works for all!

You Can Pair It With Other Fabrics Too!

Yes, frankly speaking, I cannot really say this about many other fabrics. You can boldly pair a cotton or velvet blouse with Banarasi silk saree or even a lehenga. In any scenario, it is not going to look out of the place. That’s the beauty of this amazing fabric’s versatility.


It’s Classic

Designer Navy Blue Banarasi Silk Saree

Irrespective of the season, the light and flowy Banarasi silk fabric suit them all. It is super easy to wear and looks stylish yet comfy.

Tip – You can wear your leg warmers under the saree or can go for thicker weave for winter occasion!

It a Perfect Combination of Traditional yet Contemporary

You can easily team up a Banarasi silk saree with an off-shoulder blouse or crop top for a bold look. In fact, everyone around you will be smitten by your fusion fashion sense.

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Happy Shopping!

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