Give GoT Inspired Twist To Your Hairdo This Wedding Season

Give GoT Inspired Twist To Your Hairdo This Wedding Season

Posted by Like a Diva
September 08, 2017

Swooning over Khaleesi’s intricate multi-layer braids?  Infatuated with Cersei’s wavy locks? Obsessed with Sansa Stark’s or Melisandre's coveted hairdos? Romantic braids and twisted tresses from the Game of Thrones leave the fashionistas having a meltdown over the incredible hairstyles of its badass ladies every season. GoT season 7 came to an end, leaving us with major hairstyle goals to achieve. And we can’t wait to recreate the cool boho chic look to sport with Indian ethnic wear this wedding season. Stay hooked to master the stunning plaited styles to up your hair game after all winter is coming and so is the wedding season! 

Khaleesi The Queen Of Braids

Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Daenerys Targaryen’s braids perfectly complements the royal anarkali suits. Flaunt any of the Khaleesi’s hairstyles, adorn with flowers or hair accessories and win hearts the queen way in the wedding you are attending this season. The fluid silhouettes of flared anarkali dresses match the intricate hairdos of the mother of dragons. Sport her epic plaits and rule the fashion scene.


DIY: Take a large section of hair from the top of each side of the head and Dutch braid it back. Repeat the same on the other side. Tie both the braids together into a ponytail at the back of the head. Repeat the same process with another section of hair on each side. Tie braids together and include the ponytail from the earlier braids. Leave the rest of the hair open. You are ready to hog the limelight like a queen, giving a twist to unadventurous regular wedding hairstyles

Cersei’s Enviable Hairstyles



You might hate Cersei Lannister’s character but you can’t miss her enviable hairdos. Cersei’s hair game is quite strong. This wedding season while donning your ethnic lehenga choli, flaunt Cersei’s hairstyle and trust us, you’ll be fetching the best compliments ever. For a beach wedding, try to recreate her wavy mane with twisted sections of hair, sported like a crown.

DIY: Take a section from your hair and halfway down begin braiding. Then take a small section of hair from the top of each side and twist away and tie them into one ponytail that lay over the first braid. Now take a large section of hair from each temple and braid them. Combine the ponytail, two braided sections, and back braid into one braid and you are done. With this hairstyle tutorial steal the desirable look of Cersei. 


Fiery Tresses Of Melisandre


Intriguing hairstyles of the ‘Red Woman’ can be flaunted with designer sarees, giving six yard ensembles a sensuous appeal. Her elaborately braided hair with fiery red waves left loose makes a bold statement. All you need to turn heads at a wedding function is a designer saree teamed with a Melisandre’s marvelous hairstyle. Steal her ravishing updo mentioned below.

DIY: This is one of the effortless Game Of Thrones inspired hairstyles. Create a centre parting, leave front part of the hair from both the sides loose. Then section off the top part of your hair and braid it together. Now twirl that braid into a bun and pin it up to complete the look. 

Sansa Stark’s Chic Hairdos


If you are a fan of Sansa Stark’s chic hairdos, then you can imitate her fashionable hairstyles. You can carry her double braided hairstyle with a designer salwar kameez or embellished anarkali at a sangeet or mehendi function.

DIY:  Part your hair in the centre, then section off a part on one side to create your braid section. French braid till the crown of your head. Then continue it as a normal braid. Secure the end of your braid with a rubber band. Repeat on the other side. Now twist the easy peasy braids together and put the rubber band at the end.


With these DIY hairstyles, get ready to score a zillion compliments. So fuel your braid fascination, spice up your ethnic look with the medieval braids flaunted by your favourite ladies from GOT and show off your fandom! 

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