Get Your Best Toast of NUDE Shade for the Season

Get Your Best Toast of NUDE Shade for the Season

Posted by Like a Diva
October 18, 2016

The world is head over heels with the much talked about colour of the season - NUDE. A shade that speaks of its raw elegance in all its ethereal form needs to be in your clan.

It's not wrong to say that this colour has become a fashion epidemic.

No one has thought about it, the colour that is so subtle could retrieve such a robust appeal. Come, bloggers, Youtubers, and fashion squads, they all have their sharp eyes over this colour.

Not only it’s a western favourite, but Indian ethnic collection is equally crushing over this colour.

And so are we!

Therefore, we bring to you some best ways to embrace the colour of the season NUDE. Be it winters or summers, it is in TREND and will stay by.


Get best sartorial vibes in nude outfits:

Get best sartorial vibes in nude outfits - Likeadiva

We know it by now, the way nude coloured outfits brings elegance no other colour would be able to do it.

Be such a warm tone, it uplifts the personality of the wearer and yes adds an offbeat touch from the laid back pastels, gold, metallic and our favourite BLACK.

An elegant nude outfit with a tinge of artwork would redefine your look in a more captivating way. This shade has ruled the ramps and in every fashion week, nude makes a big shout out. Be it those heavily embellished designer lehengas, mind fuming Anarkali suits or gorgeous indo western suits, the nude has its catch.

To up your glam game, this is certainly one of the colours you should inculcate as your festive essentials and for the wedding season. Take Bollywood an inspiration, and you are sure to find many actresses flaunting their best sartorial vibes in nude colour.

A red designer lehenga for a chic bride can very well be replaced by a nude lehenga and make her look ravishing.


The muted lips are All The Rage:

The muted lips are All The Rage

If you think that bold and gothic lips are the coolest and trendiest, you are congenial with the style infos pretty well. However, muted lips never went off the tide only.

The latest makeup arena has modified the nude lips true to its form. Unlike everything on one plate, every feature is embraced beautifully that emerges as a trend to pen down. Muted lips, therefore, are exemplary and with a right eye makeup on and a tinge of contouring, nude lips are all the lights.

Kylie Jenner pouts with nudes are an epitome to its glory. This season could be your play to experiment with nude lips and give bold hues some rest.


Nude pumps on almost everything:

Nude pumps on almost everything

The power of NUDE shade is invincible. Like for shoes that require a whole lot of matching and catching fuss, nude shoes goes on almost everything.

Buy a comfortable pair of nude pumps and believe us, you are set for any event or commitments.

Workplace, party, casual outings, and for weddings they will help out everywhere. Subtle colour like this can never go out of the season and on anything dark and centric, nude pumps will be perfect.


Slay any outfit with nude handbag/clutch:

Slay any outfit with nude handbag clutch

If you get to sense the playful appeal by nude colour, you get to know that your any accessory can jingle with this colour. Handbags or clutches are no exceptions.

Keeping the minimal yet significant tone with this one colour, you will be amazed to make all the drama. A nude clutch or handbag with little or no detailing goes perfectly with any outfit or any occasion.

No prize for guessing, any colour is no obligation with nudes as team it up with any bright, bold or subtle shade, you are sure to make the much noise.


Nude nails are a blessing:

Nude nails are a blessing

We vouch for this shade on nails. What better than trying something so subtle, so soothing, and so irreplaceable on nails? It's also a brilliant idea to paint your nails beyond those bold and electric shades.

A nude shade perfectly is a no-nonsense nail paint leaving you with no qualms. Binge into this colour and unleash your chic drama with some elegance this time.


Eye on nude SHADES:

Eye on nude SHADES

To your surprise where metal aviators, chic eye gears and sophisticated wayfarers have made a bash, nude sunglasses are nowhere behind.

Giving a retro yet boho influence, they take the nude drama to its true extent. They are chic and super elegant and when we talk about all the drama they have an edge to make.

Gear up to flaunt with this hue of the season and dazzle LIKE A DIVA

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