All You Need to Know About Fashion Trends in Indian Wear for 2024

All You Need to Know About Fashion Trends in Indian Wear for 2024

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January 23, 2024

Get ready for an exciting year in fashion as we step into 2024! The fashion scene is set to blend different styles, making it super cool. Traditional Indian outfits, such as sarees and lehengas, are getting a modern makeover with new cuts and fabrics. Vintage elements like lace and pearls are making a comeback, adding a classic touch. The colour palette is shifting towards more subdued tones, with greys and deep reds taking the spotlight. And here's the fun part: styles from the 1960s and 90s, like short dresses and cool vibes, are making a comeback! It's going to be a diverse and trendy year in fashion.

Pastel Green Ruffled Lycra Designer Saree

Rosewood Pink Silk Printed & Embroidered Top & Skirt Set With Jacket

Reimagined Indian Silhouettes:

In 2024, Indian fashion is getting a fresh look with a focus on reimagining traditional styles. Designers like Amit Aggarwal and Nikhil Mehra are continuing the trend in 2023, giving a modern twist to classic Indian dresses. They're not just changing traditional Indian sarees; they're also transforming other traditional dresses, like Indian lehengas and salwar suits. These outfits will have new cuts, use different materials, and try out unique drapes. The goal is to find the perfect mix of keeping things traditional while also being fashionable and modern.

Now, something unexpected is happening at weddings: some couples are choosing sarees instead of the usual lehengas. They might have special reasons, like something meaningful from their parents or ancestors. And you know what? Some people just find wedding sarees more comfy and versatile for the future. It sounds like a pretty practical choice!

Talking about blouses, long sleeves are making a comeback in a big way. Remember how 2023 was all about sleeves that were a bit shorter, like 3/4 length? Well, get ready to see more full-length blouses in 2024. Designs like the stunning piece by Manish Malhotra, which includes sarees, beaded hems, and long-sleeve blouses, are setting the tone for the coming year. So, in 2024, Indian fashion will be all about mixing tradition with a touch of modern flair, making outfits that are not only stylish but also comfy and meaningful.

Ivory & Grey Net Embroidered Lehenga Set

Pre-draped Quick Wear Navy Blue Lycra Embroidered Designer Saree

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Trending Embellishments in 2024: Bead-Drop Tassel Hems and Sequin Sensation

Bead-Drop Tassel Hems:

Bead-drop tassel hems, a favourite from 2023, are here to stay and will continue to make waves in the coming year. These hems, featuring playful bead-drop tassels, bring subtle character to any outfit, offering a fun way to express your style.

Embroidery Revolution:

Embroidery is set to be a major player in 2024's fashion scene. Whether it's delicate threadwork or intricate designs, embroidery adds a touch of artistry to various ensembles. Designers are expected to showcase their unique and beautiful embroidery styles, making them a key feature in the world of Indian wedding dresses.

Sequin Sensation:

Sequins are making a dazzling comeback, not just as part of an outfit but in full-blown sequin fabric outfits. Lehengas, suits, and sarees—designers are incorporating sequins in creative and distinctive ways. Bridal shopping enthusiasts can look forward to witnessing an abundance of sequin-adorned pieces, bringing a touch of glamour and sparkle to the fashion landscape. Stay tuned for a year filled with bead-drop tassel hems, intricate embroidery, and the shining allure of sequins in 2024!

Magenta Silk Printed & Embroidered Lehenga Set

Mustard & Pink Georgette Embroidered Skirt & Satin Silk Top Set With Jacket

Blue Grey Georgette Embroidered Evening Gown

Popular Colours for 2024: Soft Tones and Bold Prints

In 2024, the colours we love are changing a bit. No more super-sweet pinks; now it's time for more calm and rich shades. Even though Peach Fuzz is the Colour of the Year according to Pantone, fashion runways are showing off more subdued colours like muted charcoal greys, royal blues, deep wines, and dark cherry reds. This shift suggests that people are moving towards more serious and elegant colours after enjoying vibrant ones for a while.

Butter Belle is a new favourite in 2024—a gentle and pretty buttery yellow. It looks good on everyone and gives off a warm and happy feeling. You can add Butter Belle to your clothes, like dresses, sets, tops, and accessories. For a nice look, mix it with pastel colours or neutrals, creating a stylish and flexible outfit.

While we're saying goodbye to neutral colours, we're saying hello to bold prints. Forget about keeping it simple; next year is all about bright colours and striking patterns. Whether it's block prints or embroidered designs, famous designers like Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, Tarun Tahiliani, and others are showing off beautiful motifs. Get ready to stand out with lively colours and cool prints in 2024!

Sea Green Net 3d Flower Embellished & Embroidered Designer Saree

Wine Georgette Embroidered Jacket Style Top With Palazzo & Dupatta

Pink & Aqua Banarasi Silk Embroidered Lehenga Set With Belt

Cool and Stylish Fabrics in 2024: Stay Comfy with a Trendy Twist

In 2024, what you wear can be both cool and stylish! If you want to feel comfy but also look edgy, go for fabrics with special designs. Fabrics like mesh, silk, lace, and ones with unique patterns will keep you cool and add a bit of drama to your Indian outfits.

Guess what's making a big comeback? Net fabrics! They were really popular about ten years ago, and now they're back in fashion. You'll see net sarees, shararas, lehengas, and all sorts of different outfits. The beautiful pieces by designer Tarun Tahiliani show off net fabrics in a really nice way. So, whether you pick fabrics with special designs or go for the cool comeback of net fabrics, 2024 is all about staying comfy with a trendy twist in your clothes.

Soft Blue & Peach Embellished Georgette Lehenga Set

Orange Net 3d Flower Embellished & Embroidered Designer Saree

2024 Jewellery Trends: Vintage Charm and Silver Shine!

As we step into the new year, there's a revival of classic charm in the jewellery scene. Think lace, pearls, and tassels making a comeback, drawing inspiration from the elegance of times gone by, as predicted by designer Payal Singhal. These timeless designs won't just adorn jewellery but will also be seen in special occasion clothing, adding a touch of vintage sophistication.

When it comes to metal tones, forget the usual gold often seen at weddings. In 2024, silver is taking centre stage, particularly in weddings set in picturesque destinations. Picture silver jewellery glistening in the sunlight, bringing a fresh and modern touch to wedding aesthetics.

Adding a delightful twist to the trend is the rise of floral jewellery! Whether you're preparing for pre-wedding events or incorporating it into your kaleerey, floral jewellery is making a statement. It's bold yet minimalist, and the added bonus is its lightweight nature, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both comfort and style. Get ready to witness a blend of vintage charm, silver elegance, and blooming florals in the jewellery scene throughout 2024!

In 2024, there are lots of cool fashion trends to check out! From new Indian styles to old-fashioned trims and not-so-bright colours, there's something for everyone. Whether you like the old-school vibes of the 1960s or the cool look of slashed details, this year's fashion has a bit of everything. So, jump into the fashion world, show off your unique style, and let the trends of 2024 make your look even cooler!

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