10 Fitness Goals without hitting the GYM

10 Fitness Goals without hitting the GYM

Posted by Like a Diva
January 13, 2017

Fitness is a regime, a lifestyle, a choice not limited to any PRESSURE!!!


Does the same schedule for workouts in the gym sadden your soul? Do you feel an extra amount of pressure when your trainer bores weight on weight just to let you be in shape? Do you feel uninterested ringing in the same place every day just to please your body?


Get the dose before it’s too late for the better.

Many times, bearing a wide amount of societal pressure for getting fit fast we sign ourselves for a gym membership taking this vague dream in head to come out slender and boisterous like never was. However, in this struggle of how to get fit fast we all nail some unexpected nerves. Remember, it is an effort which may not be everyone’s cup.

But no worry, gym is not the only recourse to partake that ‘Desirable Body’. You may have several other fitness options that are a lot more interesting and full of LIFE (instead of those manmade machines forcing us to rub ourselves for hours).

So, glide with us on the ride of ultimate FITNESS with simple exercise at home habits and remain fit for life:

1.    Start with Stairs:

Start with Stairs

There is a reason they say “take the stairs”. But down the years, we have made it just a solitude path. If you believe, taking the stairs is where it all starts. While many use stairs only for emergencies and stick to the instant power of elevators, they are on sheer BAD.

If you know, opting for stairs challenges more muscles than walking as you make use of your gluteus maximum.

The catch here is if you hate climbing that bag full of groceries through the staircase, you should!! Because you burn DOUBLE while carrying more weight. Sounds like a PLAN to get fit?

2.    Walk with your dog:

Walk with your dog

While many of you have a DOG, you are in sheer bliss we know. But why not take the max advantage when you take your dog for a walk?

As you know that opting for a good fitness plan comes with a price tag or you may not have a desire for gymming- invest in a good workout with your dog. Yes, it injects inner and physical bliss both. Your dog is your companion you know it!!

3.    Cycling for the real PLEASURE:

Cycling for the real PLEASURE

For the real reasons (don’t judge please), Cycling is the most attractive plan one could ever make. Yes, what is better than achieving those fitness goals with a ride? Now you can also peddle your legs anywhere, be it the fresh air, the highland mountains or that road lined with trees and exhaling CO2, you are just in NATURE. So, RELAX.

4.    HULA HOOP:


Another inexpensive and highly enjoyable activity to get fit is hooping. Yes, hula hoop is inexpensive and just 30 minutes of hooping burns 216 calories. Being a Diva, fitness is imperative and hula hoop can be a lucrative bet.

We don't mind, if you are up for a challenge as you can become a real party entertainer knowing all the advanced tricks for hula hooping like a pro. But to start with, basics and simple twirling would do.

5.    Gardening:


If you are still wondering how to get fit with gardening, we have got you covered people. If you know, gardening is peaceful, solitary and calms your mind. The act by which gardening is performed helps in toning and strengthening your muscles.

Those who love gardening and nature, no extra motivation is needed. They will be up with a spark.

6.    A swim:

A swim

If you are one who has distaste for humanity you may not like swimming in the public pool either. But not many are billionaires to invest in that private pool, so keep the distaste aside an aim for an incredible fitness habit.

Those having fitness issues like obesity or arthritis, swimming will transform your life. So, fellas swimming, oh yeah!! All you need to do is propel yourself through water and who knows in no time you turn out to be a water baby. DREAMS!!

7.    The commercial break workout:

The commercial break workout

Workouts so performed during the commercial break of your loved TV season could be well utilised as your real workout regime. They may count for some 4 commercials of 3 minutes each at least in an episode of an hour.

So, why don’t you opt for a fitness activity of your choice, be it a skipping, jumping jacks or simple stretching?

8.    A sport for life:

A sport for life

Nobody has been grown up not playing a sport. Yes, everyone has one endearing game to play. So, why not face the child in you even when you are all grown up like that tree. Playing a game detoxifies your body and makes you more spirited to achieve the fitness mantra.

So, no matter if you are as old as those hills, fitness can never say goodbye if you yearn for it.

9.    Clean your house:

Clean your house

For the better, you may clean your house. We agree, it has all things for the better, but cleaning your house is a serious take on your fitness.  It is best for days when you are not finding time to clean the house and go for a workout, in such cases opt for both.

As they say, a cluttered house gives rise to a cluttered mind and a cluttered mind is full of stress and anxiety. So, make room for cleaning your house tasks. Such fun!!

Note:  Remember to be like a diva, one should excel in every task of life be it the meagre cleaning or elevating that corporate role.

10.    Dance like those days:

Dance like those days:

To say it clear, dancing involves both- aerobic movement and anaerobic moment. On the notes of your favourite music, it could just be a treatment for a relaxed soul, mind and body. Without a doubt, it is the best workout to say goodbye to those bad toxins and hello to a light and energetic bod.

It is the best way to stretch giving new goals to your body the way you have never ever imagined.

Fitness has no boundaries and when you accustom yourself to the same sets of exercises in the gym, you are welcoming monotony. So, divas reap the benefits to the maximum and say hello to a new life ingrained with FITNESS. 

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