Karva Chauth: Your personal guide for all the ACTION

Karva Chauth: Your personal guide for all the ACTION

Posted by Like a Diva
October 14, 2016

Baffled mind with the outfit to decide, shoes to wear and makeup to put on—Karva Chauth is a day for married women that definitely gets all the butterflies to flutter in their stomach.

A day dedicated to fasting from sunrise to moonrise for your husband’s long life and protection from all evil certainly holds a major importance according to Hindu rituals. After Navratri, Karva Chauth is another festival where women do their best—Dress Up Effervescently.

Fasting is stringent and in spite of all the strict rules, married woman does it with immense dedication and this is the way they show up their love towards their husband.

It is a D day aka Dress Up day where they bring in their finest of heavy outfits and look alike Brides. It is a daylong affair with fast, delicacies, mother-in- law's gift as Sargi, husband’s love; it is an affair to behold for all the women.

This is a personal guide for all you amazing women that will help you be stress-free and find things falling in place for Karva Chauth.


Plan your outfit:

Prachi Anarkali suits - Like A Diva

You can’t ignore that. The earlier the better!! Whether you are wearing a saree, Designer lehenga, Anarkali suit, or anything ethnic make sure you plan it before so that you can go ahead with the alterations if needed accordingly.

Find your accessories matching to it, right from jewellery, makeup, and shoes. Prepare beforehand is always a good idea to be stress-free and prevent wobbling your head with zillions of apprehensions.


Beauty appointments:

Beauty appointments

As it is a day to count for every married woman, salon visits are mandatory. Go for hair treatment, facial and get pampered under best hands to relish the best of your day.

Make sure to take a prior appointment as there is a huge rush in the salon during this season. If you are going for a facial, make it before three days at least as you will be able to retrieve some magical glow.

Book your Mehendi appointment for the D-day early.


Sumptuous food on the menu:

Sumptuous food on the menu

As you know food is the delight of every festival, you need to get your take on this right.

Before any hustle bustle, try to pull down some mouth watering delicacy right from your mum’s kitchen and prepare it with wholesome love.

The later guilt free binging in food is just unignorable. Don’t worry for those extra grams or kilos you put on, it's your night to EAT.


Prepare gifts:

Prepare gifts

It is a day of not only receiving gifts from husband but yes even from mother in law as well.

Sargi (from mother in law) is a delight and a way you can demand things you were longing for. On the other hand, you also need to prepare gifts for elders in order to exchange love and respect.

Prepare it beforehand to be fuss free.


Experiment with your look:

Experiment with your look

What better than surprising your husband with a makeover for Karva Chauth? But be sure about any side effects.

If you are using new beauty products, keep ready for its unfamiliar effects on the skin.

However, getting a new hair colour, hair cut and some skin treatment that won't cause any harm is your safe ride.


The bottom line:

Get some stylish braids

As Karva Chauth is near and preparations are in full swing, there are some offbeat tips to save your day:

•    Braids are super in this season. Get some stylish braids that will enhance your stylish side, and of course, it is a way to rest your hairstyle fantasy to some tried and tested way at least.

•    Nail arts are all the rage in the season and over Mehendi or henna, they unleash a modern yet chic affair. So, women why don’t you paint the nails with some drama?

Start with skin pampering several days before with homemade masks and home remedies. Facial oils also do wonders to skin, so definitely you can look up for that.

•     Being Like A Diva is an ultimate scoop for this day, but our style squads suggest ditching reds and maroons for some offbeat shades. Try pastels, nudes and beiges this Karva Chauth and unveil your Diva side.

•    Mangalsutra, Bindi and Sindoor are the significant elements for a married woman. If you are not wearing it on Karva Chauth then when? So, try to complete your look with these essentials.

Ladies, it's your day to be in complete fetish with the love and blessings. Make the most of it and be your man’s queen. 

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