20 Dupatta Draping Styles Right From The Experts

20 Dupatta Draping Styles Right From The Experts

Posted by Like a Diva
January 07, 2017

If you think that getting your hands on that exclusive designer outfit, those mind fuming gorgeous accessories, that on point footwear and the right dose of makeup is enough to accentuate your look, we have to tell you—NO. It’s not about what you buy; it’s more about how you play with it.

Well, not you, many of us go wrong in here. That drop dead gorgeous designer lehenga or that spanking bright Partywear Anarkali suit turns down all the glory with a “not nicely” drape of a dupatta.

Not only this, trying your hands on a variety of dupatta draping styles give you a new look each time. As we know that Indian ethnic wear for women is a beautiful array of clothes that complement each other very well, it is necessary to adore them the same ways.

So, coming to Dupatta draping, it is no more a task. We have filtered the trendiest, with all the fads right to let you drape your dupatta for your next rush.

1.    On head on glory:

On head on glory

Dupatta draped on the head making a U shape in front has been widely adorned by women in North India. Say it the traditions, but for brides dupatta that covers her head defines the bride glory in all its form. Ideally, the dupatta takes a U-turn in the front and looks boisterous all in all. 

2.    The “Ghoonghat”:

The Ghoonghat

Ghoonghat draping had quite an appeal in the ancient times when women were not allowed to face the world with their barely naked face. Time has its move leaving us to enchanting ghoonghat draping at times. It is rich in its own form and for an occasion especially for brides; ghoonghat could be a new twist to the everlasting tale to remember.

3.    That single shoulder drape:

That single shoulder drape

Single shoulder drapes where salwar kameez or lehengas blouses could easily be flaunted is a take for all the fashionistas. Here dupatta should boast of heavy border designs and of course preppy colours to rest it all.

4.    Let the fall be in the front:

Let the fall be in the front

Front fall dupatta draping style is just immaculate to witness. A front fall style accentuates the glory of the trendy salwar suit or discerning Anarkali suits instantly.

5.     Everyone’s – A standard saree Drape:

Everyone's - A standard saree Drape

This adds to the world of a commoner. Yes, we are all doing it since ages and for every quick fix dupatta draping, this is one style that sets aside. So, you can pick this one also.

6.    Bride’s favourite- the end tying:

Bride's favourite- the end tying

This one style perfectly fits for the Bride’s bulletin board. Tie the dupatta ends to your arm and when you approach your hands for the jaimala, woohoo the magic will be all things splendid.

7.    How about waist pinning?

How about waist pinning

For the millennials, this is one offbeat trend of dupatta draping. Yes, a saree or a light lehenga can easily be pinned to the waist and spells of high femininity.

8.    Simple shoulder pinning:

Simple shoulder pinning

This has been one of the easiest one from the round. Yes, shoulder pinning for all the GOOD. This is one super easy draping style where all you need to do is support your dupatta with the aid of a pin on the shoulder and give any style to it. Cheers!!

9.    Two dupattas- Real thing:

Two dupattas- Real thing

Sometimes when one could get unmanageable, why not try two? Yes, it is a thing. You can try two dupattas instead of one. Here one dupatta is spread across your arms and one across the chest to give a fuller covered look. For blouses that are plain or in case you want to let it glisten underneath, double dupattas, hell yeah!!

10.    Dupatta worn from back to front:

Dupatta worn from back to front

This style is also experimented far and wide. Yes, you may call it a classic Gujarati style drape which has parts of it in the Rajasthani draping. Here the pleats are beautifully taken and pinned graciously for no fall and preventing any mess.

11.    The classic arm candy drape:

The classic arm candy drape

Yes, you have got the notch. The classic arm candy drape that took the limelight in the 90s is another inclusion in the list. It is a no-fuss style that can be played with light and furry dupatta. Hang it off loosely and drape it across your hands to fix it up to never losing it.

12.    Fully wrapped up:

Fully wrapped up

An ensemble that is draped like a shawl but reflects royalty to every bit, we call it a fully wrapped up draping. It is next way beautiful and works for ensembles having embroidered work patterns. Just wrap your dupatta like a shawl and pin it at the middle half.

13.    A glorious side head cover:

A glorious side head cover

We call it a cherry on the pie style. Mostly adopted by Muslim girls, draping of this kind has its own make. Fasten the dupatta on a neatly made hairstyle preferably a side bun and pin it up for the complete support. A thing for heavy dupattas with broad border.

14.    Double layering:

Double layering

Layer your dupatta in the most unconventional way.  Cover your head, hands and even the front accordingly. You can layer it up easily by taking the dupatta carefully to the right arm covering your shoulder and half of your head. Repeat on the other side as well.

15.    Wear it this SIMPLE:

Wear it this SIMPLE

Just take it this simple. Wear your flashy dupatta just like a shawl and here you go, covered carefully. No rules followed, just a tinge of élan from your basket full of ethnicity.

16.    Famous side loop/diagonal draping:

Famous side loopdiagonal draping

The element of brides and bridesmaids, diagonal draping or that side loop is easy yet strong. Pin up the complete ends in order to make a diagonal loop and wear it like the queen who conquers. Carefree indeed!!

17.    Centre veil draping:

Centre veil draping

Wholly inspired from the west, centre veil draping is pouring bountiful of inspiration. Add a Victorian visage to your look and a flowy reflection. Here the dupatta stays at the centre of the head and flows like an effortless stream making the princess impression. In fact, many Bollywood celebs have remained active in donning this style.

18.    Deep neck drape:

Deep neck drape

Days or looks when you would want to give your feminine character some lift, deep neck styles will accompany you better. Again a kind of layering but it blings the feminine oomph. Simply take your dupatta across both the shoulders and let the ends fall loose at the back. Sheer dupatta and sequin choli works best here.

19.    For the heavy dos:

For the heavy dos

Dupatta effortlessly taken on the head and the remaining is pleated coming towards the front. In fact, you may even switch it up with two pleats on both the sides.

20.    The criss-cross thing:

The criss-cross thing?

Criss cross the dupatta starting from the waist and take it towards the shoulder. You may pin it up on the shoulder or cover the head as well.

The final words...

Carrying dupatta with such ace is a thing. So why go messy when you have the complete dupatta bible in hand. Simply, unplug the aforementioned dilemma about dupatta draping and start fresh and fuming like a diva. 

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