Find The Right Indian Bridesmaid Dresses for a Timeless Wedding Affair

Find The Right Indian Bridesmaid Dresses for a Timeless Wedding Affair

Posted by Like A Diva
August 01, 2023

Indian weddings are a grand celebration of love, culture, and tradition. When the bride is ready to embark on her new journey, her bridesmaids, usually her closest friends and family, stand by her side to add their beauty and charm to the celebration. Let's find out the traditional elements of the whole Indian wedding affair.

Bright palettes:

Indian bridal dresses are known for their vibrant and elegant colours. From stunning royal blues, royal reds, and emerald greens to delicate pastel shades embellished with gold, the colour palette reflects the essence of Indian culture and the festival, with each colour being about prosperity, happiness, and blessings, conveying a celebration with a little added fun.

Kiwi Green & Deep Red Silk Embroidered Ethnic Lehenga Set

Traditional designs with a modern twist:

Indian bridal wear often draws inspiration from traditional Indian wear, blending modern trends into a stunning combo. Classic silhouettes like the anarkali, lehenga choli, and saree are popular choices, accented with contemporary cuts and designs. Anarkali, with its flowing flares, gives it a royal and elegant look, while lehenga choli reflects a modern take on a traditional bridal look, and brides can choose their preferred silhouette based on their personal style and comfort.

Fabric and embroidery:

The beautiful Indian bridal dresses are distinguished by their rich fabrics and exquisite embroidery. Luxury fabrics such as silk, velvet, georgette, and brocade are often used in handicrafts. The dresses are adorned with intricate zari work, intricate sequins, mirror work, and delicate threads to add some splendour and grandeur to the outfit.

Peach Silk Patola Printed & Embellished Saree

The versatility of a scarf:

Dupatta: A flowing dupatta plays an important role in Indian bridal wear. With its stylish versatility, it adds grace and elegance to the ensemble. A bride can drape the dupatta in various ways, such as over one shoulder, as a saree-like cover-up, or casually over both arms, to create a distinctive look when carried in a sense of unity at the wedding.

Traditional accessories:

Traditional jewellery and accessories are usually complemented by Indian bridal outfits. Statement earrings, a necklace, bangles, and mang tikka (forehead jewellery) complete the look, adding a touch of royal charm. Brides are free to choose jewellery to complement their outfits while maintaining a cohesive theme.

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While Indian wedding dresses are designed to impress, comfort remains paramount. The comfort of the bride is important as she participates in the celebration. Lightweight costumes and well-decorated designs ensure that she can dance, laugh, and enjoy the event without any discomfort.

Now if we talk about the most popular Indian bridesmaid outfits, there are many options to choose from, each reflecting the beauty and traditional charm of India’s culture. Let’s explore some popular options:

Lehenga Sets: Lehenga sets are classic and timeless Indian bridesmaid outfits. It consists of a flowing lehenga (Skirt), a fitted blouse (Top), and a matching dupatta (scarf). The lehenga is usually adorned with intricate embroidery, zari work, or sequins, giving it a sophisticated and elegant look. This group is popular for its beauty and versatility, as it comes in a variety of colours, fabrics, and designs to suit different wedding themes and personal preferences.

Gold-multicolor Velvet Embroidered Lehenga Set

Sarees: A saree is a stunning Indian outfit, beautifully draped over the body, highlighting the wearer’s curves and grace. Indian bridesmaids can choose from a wide variety of sarees, from traditional silk sarees with gold borders to contemporary designer sarees with embellishments and prints. The sarees offer an unparalleled sense of sophistication and timeless elegance, making them a popular choice for wedding functions.

Navy Blue Organza Silk Embroidered Border Saree

Anarkalis: Anarkali is a flowing royal dress that flows from the waist; it's been worn since the Mughal period. Often featuring intricate embroidery and pleated bodices, they give the impression of a range of flattering bodies. Anarkali dresses are comfortable and elegant, making them ideal for bridesmaids who want to add traditional elegance with a modern twist.

Ready To Wear Pink Multicolor Patola Print Silk Anarkali Dress With Dupatta & Sleeves

Indo-Western Outfits: Indo-Western wear is a great choice for bridesmaids who want a balance between traditional and modern. This band combines Indian elements with western wear, creating a unique and trendy look. Indo-Western clothes may consist of cape-fashion lehengas, dhoti pants paired with tunics, or gowns with Indian embroidery. This fusion allows bridesmaids to experiment with innovative designs while preserving their cultural identity.

Sunflower Yellow Silk Designer Top & Skirt Set

Sharara Suits: The Sharara is a three-piece outfit consisting of wide-legged pants, a dupatta, and a kurta, or top. It is a stylish and comfortable choice for Indian bridesmaids, mainly for events that contain dancing. Shararas often feature intricate embellishments, creating a fashionable but traditional ensemble.

Embroidered Net Sharara/palazzo Suit In Nude Colour

Indian bridesmaids have a variety of outfit alternatives to pick from, each representing the cultural background and vibrancy of India. From the timeless beauty of lehenga sets and sarees to the regal appeal of Anarkali suits and the fusion enchantment of Indo-Western ensembles, there is a perfect outfit for every bridesmaid's fashion and taste. These clothes not only add beauty to the marriage celebration but also showcase the rich diversity and traditions that make Indian weddings truly extraordinary. Looking for your perfect bridesmaid dress? Check out Like a Diva for a wide range of beautiful traditional and bridal wear now!

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