Makeup trends done right for 2018!!

Makeup trends done right for 2018!!

Posted by Like a Diva
January 30, 2017

First thing first, without wasting a moment let us all appreciate the bountiful of impeccable makeup trends came across in 2016, many of them we still hold on to. From best contour palette to best highlighter, cushion foundations, matte lip creams, to immense layering, the year has been wonderful.

But moving on, as we have already headed our way to a new ride with a new year, there is no bad in going with trends. Or does it?

Makeup today is more than a need, it is a way to define the gorgeousness and of course, some untouched experimentation. So, why not?

We have rounded up a lot of everything to let you discover makeup trends to eye on this year. So, Stay hooked to unwind into a makeup journey with us:

1.    Glitter lips- oh yeah!!

Glitter lips- oh yeah

Seeing the wave of glitter trends in 2016, we are very much heading to more of it. Those sparkly lips with a generous amount of glitter on it call for the liking of every fashionista. Glitter dusted lips will still remain hell fresh in 2017 and for parties or something special; you can plan to don one.

2.    Give wings some rest:

Give wings some rest

If we think deep, we can't remember exactly when the winged trend took over the makeup scenes and today it has all the volumes. However, you may think giving it some rest and rather opt for those well-defined kohl-rimmed eyes. Trace the inner water line and smudge the fancy glitter on the eyelids with enough of kohl smudging for an appealing eye makeup.

3.    Some skin breathing please:

Some skin breathing please

If you have been donning the enough amount of heavy foundation on the daily basis to camouflage those blemishes and uneven skin, it’s time to try the other way instead. Let your skin breathe!! Very important. This season is all about dewy makeup looks and you may give a try or two to BB or CC creams instead of applying a heavy dose of foundations and contouring heavily. It is mandatory in skin resolutions; give your skin some change.

Try giving a look inspired by the glow of facial oils that can easily set in the beauty regime of bride’s bulletin board.

4.    Glitter on everything:

Glitter on everything

Inspired from numerous amounts of Instagram feeds, we can’t miss this. If you miss opting this one, are you even a makeup geek? Glitters are all the rage from under eyes, scattered along your lids, cheeks, lips to how well be your hands on it. Yes, if you have it in you to experiment generously, we call it a game for you. Try with best eye cream and makeup sets to set the ball right. For an evening party, you can pull the GOLDS like a miracle. Remember, glitter strobing is real thing and you can up the trend any moment.

5.    Blush magic- OF COURSE!!

Blush magic- OF COURSE

We have seen enough of highlighting, contouring and illuminating your cheeks, but the traditional blush game is unbeatable.  The subtle application is true but there is no harm in going strong with the blush game. If you are in love with a Contour kit, we are not complaining.

6.    We call it the Brow game:

We call it the Brow game

Yes, divas, we are talking very much sense. Brow game is the thing and you can’t give it a miss. This year, naturally groomed, boyish and fuller brows going to take the charts. So, no taming with that perfect sleek brow as you may go fuller and be very stylish. Lock away those brow powders and make way for sharp and crisp eyebrows.

7.    LIPS—Bold and Better:

LIPS-Bold and Better?

We love the fall lips trends so much that we can't say bubyee to dark lips ever. This year is all about flaunting the bolder dark lips. Call it the vamp vibes, but yes, it surely going to steal your complete look. A single tube to go makeup sassy. Though a red pout is always our FAVOURITE, but why not wines, dark berries, and divine lips. So, bold statement is darn essential.

8.    Dewy and Glossy look:

Dewy and Glossy look

We have loved how glossy looks impressed the every nook and cranny of our hearts and therefore we stumbled upon to this like sheer LOVERS. Not lying!! Glossy lids are strongly going but lips to your cheeks can benefit the same ways. Yes, your cheeks can also benefit from this trend. A clear non-sticky formula to give your cheeks a boost for a youthful sheen, why not?

Here we are...

Well, now when your lips, eyes, cheeks, brows everything is sorted, why go conventional. There is a lot to embrace in this year makeup trends and if you are still following contour makeup religiously, go give these a try.

Tip: Above all, a right skin care routine is where it all rests. The true beauty of your skin. Make sure you are following the right CTM (cleansing, toning and moisturising) with a facial cleanser suited right for your skin and wards off all the makeup before you say goodbye to the day. 

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