8 Enticing Ways to Improve Your Looks with Anarkali Suits

8 Enticing Ways to Improve Your Looks with Anarkali Suits

Posted by Like a Diva
May 24, 2017

Indian ethnic wear for women has evolved with time. Costumes that were huge hits once but went into oblivion made a grand comeback. And what can be a better example in this regard than Anarkali suits. During the 1960s and 70s, Anarkali dresses were extremely popular with women. In present days, Anarkalis have returned to the fashion industry and become a hot favorite with celebrities as well as with general women. It is needless to say that these garments are elaborately done with lots of embroidery and embellishments and are flared and lavish. Mentioned below are some ways in which your looks can improve with latest Anarkali suits:

Wear a neckpiece with the dress

Green Ombre Embellished Anarkali Suit - Likeadiva

Anarkalis come with different kinds of necklines. If you have an Anarkali, which has a deep neckline or one with plain yoke, wearing a signature neckpiece can definitely add to the appeal of the costume significantly and make you look all the more gorgeous and glamorous. Most of these dresses are heavily embroidered, particularly in the neck area and the bust area. Keep that in mind while selecting the neckpiece.

Heels are an absolute must with Anarkalis

Bottle Green And Pink Anarkali Suit - Likeadiva

Long Anarkali suits are in vogue and women just love the same. The length of the Anarkali reaches to the floor, covering the churidaar completely. Wearing heels is therefore mandatory with this costume as the look remains incomplete without the same. Whether you are short or tall, wearing heels add elegance and grace to your appeal. Don’t make the mistake of wearing flats with Anarkali.

Gorgeous earrings go well with Anarkali dresses

Heavy Embroidery Anarkali Suits - likeadiva

Anarkali dresses come in different styles. But one thing is common that all of them are heavily embellished and gorgeous. Do not overdo the accessories with the costume. Wearing bold and gorgeous earrings can complete the look without the need of doing much. Jhumki style earrings are the best choices in this regard.

Choosing the right hairs style with the Anarkali dress

Georgette Heavy Embroidery Designer Anarkali Suits - likeadiva

Take a look at the hairstyles that can be seen with these two differently styled Anarkali dresses. If you are going for a wedding, reception party or some kind of grand event, you can style your hair like in the first image detail. For casual gatherings and get-together, you can keep the hair open and style it simply.

Wear the dupatta in a stylish manner

Silk Anarkali Suits - Likeadiva

The way in which you wear the dupatta with the Anarkali plays an important role in deciding your look and appearance. This is all the more applicable for party wear Anarkalis. Take the dupatta in a way so that it does not hide the lavish work done on the costume in any manner. Rather, it should enhance the beauty of the attire.

Using a belt with the Anarkali

heavy bridal embroidery anarkali suits - Likeadiva

Why not experiment with the look of the Anarkali a little? Instead of letting it flow freely, why not use a belt at the waist to accentuate the area. This will give the Anarkali a new appearance and you will look more gorgeous. However, do not try this if you have excess flab in the abdominal area.

Experiment with the bottom wear a little

Silk Indo Western Dress - like a diva

Instead of the same old churidaar style for the bottom wear with the Anarkali, try wearing some different kind of bottom wear. Try experimenting with palazzos, pant style bottom wear or lose fitting straight cut bottom wear. Choose the style that gels well with the dress and your style and personality.

Wear a jacket to spice up the Anarkali

Malaika Arora Khan Heavy Embroidery Anarkali Suits - likeadiva

Designer Anarkali suits are gorgeous. Sometimes, not so elaborate and simple variants are also available. For such costumes, try wearing them with a stylish jacket and see how grand and elegant they look inspite of the dress’s simplicity.

Try implementing these small things and become a show stopper at a wedding or a party with Anarkali dresses. 

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