20 Skin Resolutions to Stop Breakouts and Blemishes

20 Skin Resolutions to Stop Breakouts and Blemishes

Posted by Like a Diva
December 29, 2016

Last year was all things cruel, right from your taxes, single status to your SKIN- always on a drive. So, here we look up to new year all eyes open with much conjecture for a skin that boasts of real beauty and flawlessness.

We don't expect Facetune kind of skin, apparently, that is a dream but a skin that breathes fresh with no time to time break out and blemishes sitting on the top.

But as there is no magic wand that gives a blemish free skin with a swish. We have to put in some efforts to get the desired skin of dreams.

Well, never give up to your skin fight as there is a victory beyond everything. So here to gorgeously looking no breakout skin ever:


1.    Get rid of makeup before sleeping:

Get rid of makeup before sleeping

No matter how lazy pants you are, sleeping with makeup on is just BAD. It is a crime in every word as actually when are you giving your skin the time to breathe and replenish?

You must know makeup "makes" or "breaks" your face, we are sure you don’t want to opt the latter!! So, get rid of makeup once you hit the bed and follow the right night skin routine. No beauty tips! Lip contouring is fine but when you are putting your makeup off, scrub your lips pretty well too.


2.    Sleep compromises- NEVER:

Sleep compromises- NEVER

An 8 hours sleep is your bag of beauty. Try doing anything to get a sleep of minimum 7 to 8 hours. The less you sleep the more it shows on your face and in no time you go from dewy to dull. What’s your call divas?


3.    Snack on citrus:

Snack on citrus

You must have known it by now; citrus binging is real and gives flawless skin. Yes, the more you dig on citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, berries and all the Vitamin C loathed fruits and veggies, you are letting your skin less prone to breakouts and wrinkles. Natural skin care tips indeed!


4.    Let your skin BREATHE:

Let your skin BREATHE

The dire need to get healthy skin make all of us makeup addict. No matter wherever you have to go, a makeup is necessary. Because naturally, clear skin is hard to achieve and efforts to achieve one is not everyone’s cup. So, apparently, makeup falls in the kitty.

But why not give it some rest especially on weekends or vacations when nobody is judging you for those pesky pimples or that new breakout you may have.


5.    Why not facial oils?

Why not facial oils

We have a new saviour in the list. Yes, facial oils! Get a skin makeover with facial oils like literally. Inducing facial oils to your skin regime has benefited many divas and on a longer run claimed for a gorgeously beautiful skin.


6.    Change your pillowcase regularly:

Change your pillowcase regularly

You are more vulnerable to breakouts with dirt. But where the dirt comes from? Your pillowcase surfaces plenty of dirt, oil and the entire gunk that directly comes in contact to you face. So, make sure you change your pillow case regularly.


7.    Eat right:

Eat right

Eating right is a ritual that so less of you fall right to. After all, to get naturally glowing skin is the ultimate dream of every one out there. To get that error free skin, put it right on the food intake though. Junks ignite inflammation and very soon redness and acnes. Who wants that?


8.    Set your Cleansing game right:

Set your Cleansing game right

We are not talking about the 10 step cleaning routine like Koreans, but at least do the basics. Ensure a right skin cleansing routine. You can double your cleaning for that matter. Start with oil cleansing and then a foam cleanser. It works to wipe off all the dirt.


9.    No popping picking, please!

No popping picking, please

While we know it is irresistible, but to achieve that flawless skin you gotta do it. Popping picking simply aggravates the acne leaving a lifelong blemish behind. So, for the good sake of your skin don’t mess with those red ugly zits.

And if you may have to, use two cotton swabs, gently press on both sides of the little sucker until it pops and apply salicylic gel over it to conceal all the damage you have done. SMILES!!


10.     Face touching, a strict NO:

Face touching, a strict NO

We all have the tendency to take our mighty hands infusing all the dirt and germs to our face. Here the major damage happens. Resist it!! The more you touch the skin with your fingers the more you are setting the breeding ground for acne.


11.    Move your body:

Move your body

Exercising, working out or indulging in any sort of activity is just the right call for your skin. If you exercise anyways you are flushing off bad toxins from the skin that ignites breakouts.


12.    Hydrate properly:

Hydrate properly

Drinking water no less than 2-3 liters is imperative. For a blemish and breakout free skin, filling the belly with more of water intake directly helps in clearing out skin and of course it is INEXPENSIVE. So, invest in this miraculous tip.


13.    SPF protection:

SPF protection

Heading out and you need SPF. But even if you are staying back home, wearing a good SPF protects your skin on the longer run. The harmful UV rays literally darken the skin and blemishes if any.


14.    Go stress-free:

Go stress-free

Well, this is certainly a big fight. How can one be stress-free when all the fuss starts from here? Stress is in every nook and cranny so; find a way out for a stress-free work and lifestyle. Drink chamomile or green tea as it calms the every ignited brain cells.


15.    Exfoliate:


Why people miss on that, we are still wondering? Well, that doesn't mean you should scrub skin with much force but mild exfoliation is commendable to let your skin be shiny, glowing and clean.


16.    Rinse face with lukewarm water:

Rinse face with lukewarm water

Lukewarm water is a safe play for managing your skin. Too cold water may risk broken blood vessels and too hot may dry out skin, so opt for in between- lukewarm water for washing face.


17.    Wine for the glow:

Wine for the glow

We have all heard it by now. A glass of wine is filled with antioxidants that help in rejuvenating the skin and brings shine. But, A Glass of wine, don't make it two.


18.    Clean your makeup brushes:

Clean your makeup brushes

We tend to apply the dirt filled brushes where many bacterias are breeding to our skin. Sin, real sin!! Make sure to clean your makeup brushes timely with warm soapy water.


19.    A clean scalp for a clear skin:

A clean scalp for a clear skin

We say washing your bangs daily is recommendable as it may settle oil to your scalp. A forehead hugging fringe is the culprit for those skin breakouts. So, wash your hair as often as you can. Give your lazy soul some move as a clean scalp can accompany some quick no salon hairstyles pretty well.


20.    At last, SMILE:

At last, SMILE

They say it is your SMILE that sidelines all the major errs. Well, why not laugh and smile like nobody is watching. It is a stress reliever and directly helps in bringing that natural glow. Breakouts arise by stress and all smiles dampen this acne fuss. So, go stress-free and SMILE.

The final word:

Settle with the resolution that is hardly followed. Your skin is your frame to conquer the world and boost confidence. So, this 2017 give way to a flawless and dewy skin following the easy tips above.

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