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Indian Sarees Online at Like A Diva

We believe that women look their best in Sarees, the six yards of elegance! Indian women have worn sarees for ages and this is one outfit that never seems to go out of style. The sensual apparel accentuates feminine curves at the right points in the most graceful manner, making you feel like an Indian queen.


The popularity of Sarees is of course not limited to India, rather this classy outfit has gained much popularity across the globe. The rich heritage of Saris and their silhouettes have always intrigued the world.


Every region of India boasts of a special type of saree and here are some:

Banarasi Saree (Varanasi), Chanderi Sari (Madhya Pradesh), Kosa Silk (Chhattisgarh), Tant Sari (West Bengal), Baluchari Sari (West Bengal), Muga Silk (Assam), Sambalpuri Silk & Cotton (Odisha), Ikkat Silk & Cotton Sari (Odisha), Paithanpattu and Narayanpeth (Maharashtra), Bandhani Saris of Gujarat and Rajasthan, Patola (Gujarat), Kanchipuram Silk (Tamil Nadu), Mangalagiri and Uppada Silk Saris (Andhra Pradesh), Kerala Sari silk and cotton and lots more.


A little peek in the history of Indian Saris

Indian Sarees are probably the magnificent and most versatile Indian ethnic wear, reflecting India’s regal culture and heritage. They come in a variety of styles, colours, textures, and fabrics and brides should try to include at least one Saree trousseau. Wearing a saree may be a little difficult but the results are worth all the effort. These not only complement each woman, irrespective of size and colour, but also look graceful and stunning.


The history of Indian Saris or an outfit similar to it is traced back to the 2800-1800 BCE during the Indus Valley Civilisation, in the north-western part of the Indian subcontinent. Natural dyes used during this time were mostly indigo, turmeric, red madder and lac, red madder, and turmeric. While cotton was the most common fabric during this time, Silk came sometime later during the 2450- 2000 BCE.


It is believed that the word sari evolved from the Sanskirt word satika mentioned in the earliest Hindu textbooks as women’s attire. The satika evolved from a three-piece ensemble. It comprised an antariya (the lower garment), uttariya (a veil worn over the shoulder or the head), and a stanapatta (a chest band). 


Thus, Sarees have been intertwined with the Indian subcontinent for ages, with mentions of it in the Mahabharata to the modern-day Bollywood movies where the beautiful actors create statements through their looks, that end up getting included in the fashion trend. We may not be able to preserve every bit of the long history, but whatever little we can, we should not let it go, just like that!


What Like A Diva Has To Offer?

We, at Like A Diva, have a wide range of stunning sarees, that will make people turn their heads wherever you go. We have a wide range of gorgeous traditional and designer sarees online. If you are looking to buy a sari online, browse through our collection that has sarees in Silk, Velvet, Net, Cotton, Chiffon, Satin, Jacquard, and Georgette.


The sarees are designed intricately, be it embellished, embroidered, or printed, we have it all. You would fall in love with our handpicked elegant numbers. Rich embroidery, intricate pallu, and borders, beads or sequins detailing, mirror or zari work embellish our gorgeous sarees. You can up your sartorial game draping a saree on any occasion, be it a family function, festive occasion, party, or a wedding ceremony.